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STEP Steel Replacement Blades

Since 2005, STEP has refined and perfected the art and science of hockey and figure skate blades. Many skate manufacturers spend time and resources developing advancements in skate boots, but often treat the blades as an afterthought – the very first piece of equipment that connects you with the ice. STEP has a different philosophy about blades. In fact, IT’S ALL THEY DO! They believe that your first point of contact with the ice is the most important, and they build blades accordingly.

Brian’s Source For Sports is proud to be the preeminent supplier of STEP Steel in Southwestern Ontario, the American Midwest and beyond.

STEP has many options available to retrofit your Bauer, CCM, Graf, Reebok or True skates.

The most popular choice with players is the classic STEP steel blade. Precision cutting and continuous monitoring throughout the manufacturing process delivers an exacting blade every time. Experience sharper turns and better strides. It is superior that steel holds your edges longer.

Also available is STEP V-Steel. The highly polished mirror-like finish holds edges delivering effortless glide during strides and improved stopping power.

New to the STEP line-up is STEP Black. The culmination of all of STEP’S technology is loaded into their newest blade. More than just looking good, the blade is impregnated with a layer of black carbon nanoparticles. What does this mean? The hardest steel available that holds an edge, and avoids chipping and damage from other equipment and blades during hard play.

Goalies! STEP has you covered too with direct replacement blades for many holders and cowlings, including their unique “Fat” blade that modifies a 3mm holder into a traditional 4mm goalie blade width for that added stability.

Finally, for our figure skaters, STEP has you covered as well. All of the technology developed for hockey delivered in high-performance blades to elevate your training and competitions. Be it Synchro, Dance or Freestyle, STEP builds an array of blades to match your style perfectly.

STEP up your game. STEP up your performance. STEP Steel – at Brian’s Source For Sports.


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