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There was a time when having skates “custom fit” to your foot was something reserved strictly for the professionals. Mere mortals were resigned to the “top of the line” skate available to…mere mortals.

Luckily for all of us, times change and more importantly, so does technology!

It’s the changes in skate technology that now allow you to experience a truly custom-made skate, made exactly to your specs…just like the Pros. Some skaters have “perfect” feet, and able to fit into a production model skate with little, if any, tweaks or modifications. Most skaters find production model skates perfect for their needs, along with attentive and careful sizing. However, some players can be “hard to fit”. Some may have issues that prevent a proper or comfortable fit. And finally, some skaters just want a skate built specifically for them. It is for all these skaters we offer custom boot fittings at prices comparable to production skates!

TRUE Hockey is the innovator and leader in customized hockey skates. Using a proprietary modeling system, staff at Brian’s Source For Sports are trained to record every nuance of both feet. Clients are invited to check out TRUE’s website to start the customization process.

Custom fitting services are also available for Bauer and CCM skates.

For our figure skaters, Jackson offers an extensive custom program at competitive pricing and nominal wait times.

If you’ve been wondering about customized skates, we have the answers and WE KNOW OUR STUFF!

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